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“McMinnville Fall Crawl 5K to Benefit St. Jude 5K Run/Walk Hosted by Joshua and Ashley Train & Main Street McMinnville Saturday, October 29, 2011 www.active.com www.mainstreetmcminnville.org 3 PM
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Hey guys what's going on welcome to programming knowledge and into this lecture we're going to talk about how to create user registration for using your PHP, so this is a five video series and in this course we learn how to create this particular registration, so we have the first name last name email address and phone number and of course the last one password so the technologist that we're going to use are the following PHP MySQL we're going to use the bootstrap for the front end of our user registration form and of course we're going to use the jQuery so let's go ahead and create our new project let us navigate to our localhost directory and create a new directory that will hold all the files necessary for our project so new folder and let's name it user accounts and then inside this particular folder we're going to define few files for our project so let's define the index dot PHP okay change extension yes and also let's define config dot PHP and also another one for our registration form, so registration dot PHP, so these files will be vital for our project config is for the configuration for our database connection the index dot PHP will be displaying all the users registered and of course again the registration that PHP where in which our form or user registration form will be displayed or located so now that we have the basic structure of our project let's go ahead and edit registration at the HP to create our user registration form okay so now open up the registration net by HP, and we have an empty file so all we have to do is define the HTML structure for this one so HTML and if you're using sublime text you can just type in HTML and press tab in your keyboard okay, so the title for this one is user registration in PHP so for now let's define our user registration form, so we're just going to define a very basic a very basic user registration form and later on we'll improve the front-end by using the bootstrap library so let's start with a div and inside this div let's define the form and of course inside this form we could define a dip for our container and let's not forget to set the action for our form which is action and for now let's use the registration that page and method let's use post method so under the container div let's define h1, and it should say registration ok and a paragraph that says fill up the form with correct values think after that one let's define an input with the input a keyword with the type tax and for the name let's make it or let's name it as name and of course let's define the label for this one so label for first thing, so it should be held with the keyword first name of course this first name should be required after that we could just copy and paste this line so label for first name and input tax with a type or with the name first name so let's paste one for our last name for our email address for our phone number and for our password okay so let's change this into last name this to last name and of...
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